Residents Come First: Our Person-Centered Approach

“We recognize that a move to a senior living community is a very big emotional journey for families. One of the very first things we do to help make new residents and families feel comfortable is introduce them to our community staff. This allows them to get to know the many experts we have on staff and to ask any questions they may have. Our ultimate goal is to support residents and families throughout the journey so that they have a wonderful experience and thrive in our Maplewood [Senior Living] communities,” said Heather Freemont of Maplewood Senior Living.

Individual Preference & Tailored Approach

There are many ways Maplewood Senior Living puts residents first, and it starts with a tailored nursing plan. We understand that individual needs will vary, as well as personal preferences such as how residents prefer to engage with staff. When it comes to those with an Alzheimer’s or dementia diagnosis, it is even more critical that we tailor the plan of care, as needs are so unique to each resident. We focus our efforts on treating our residents with dignity using the HEART (Humor, Empathy, Autonomy, Respect & Reaching out to others, and Trust & Triumph) approach. Our on-site nurses are available to help residents around the clock.

Kim Keller, Resident Service Director, Maplewood of Chardon shared: “We want to ensure our residents have a voice and feel in control of their plan. Our care plans are individualized based on the resident’s likes, dislikes and preferences for personal care. For example, if a resident always showered in the evening or first thing in the morning, we will modify the schedule accordingly.  If someone is an early riser or likes to sleep in, we adjust their plan to keep the routine as consistent as possible. We seek input from the resident and their family members to create a plan that works. The more information we have the better.  We continue to re-evaluate care plans as preferences, care needs and diagnoses change. We meet regularly with the residents’ family to ensure that we are providing the best possible care and services based on their loved one’s changing needs.”

Complete Medication Management

One of the assisted living amenities we offer is the complete oversight and management of medication for each resident. Many families want to be confident that their loved ones will be following their prescribed regimen, especially those who may have Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia. Our onsite nurses monitor each resident’s medications and dosage, as well as how they are doing from day-to-day. Our nurses also work very closely with our pharmacy and physician partners to monitor medications and make changes, if needed, to ensure the best outcomes.

Person-Centered Approach

Another exciting way we offer personalized service at Maplewood Senior Living is the unique incorporation of social history into programming. Not only do our staff immediately get to know each resident by name, our team is committed to learning about each resident’s history and social background. This person-centered approach allows Maplewood Senior Living to offer something special for each resident, whether that be their choice of activities or adapting to their general likes and dislikes. As our associates learn what a resident enjoys, they are able to tailor everything to those preferences. From our cuisine to our spa treatments, residents are quickly able to enjoy a personalized experience in every part of their day.

Distinctive Memory Care

We work with family and residents alike to ensure the best support is provided. We acknowledge that each resident has unique needs and their journey is unique especially when it comes to memory impairment. Here, we believe the little things are important such as encouraging family to bring in familiar items to create a comforting space for their loved one. The goal of the overall experience is to give our residents the best life and promote independence, regardless of their cognitive ability.  We want our residents to be treated with dignity and respect and we strive to build that in to their everyday experiences. Our programs layer in the latest in technology and offer various social event opportunities throughout the day. These programs are designed by our Memory Care Directors, who are Certified Dementia Practitioners, and carried out either by these same folks or the extended team of highly-trained staff members. We recognize that residents do best with a variety of short programs throughout the day, thus they are able to participate in  activities from the time they finish breakfast to after they enjoy their evening dinner.

A daughter of a Maplewood Senior Living resident shared the following about her mother’s transition: “Mom is happier, more cheerful. [She is wearing items that] she didn’t remember were hers and she’s enjoying being dressed up. When you look nice – you feel good.”

At Maplewood Senior Living, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional senior living experiences to each and every one of our residents. Our professional staff is trained to provide an unmatched level of excellence. We offer personalized services and a plethora of amenities that cater to each individual’s unique lifestyle. As a result, our residents thrive in a vibrant atmosphere where they continue to enjoy life to the fullest. Click here to schedule your welcome visit today.

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