The Power of Purposeful Design

Purposeful design simply means we design our spaces on purpose, with elements that feel warm while functioning as a stimulant for cognitive ability and independence. With the right cues and programming, we see residents engage in the experience of their choice, which leads to an improved quality of life.

Here are just a few ways we incorporate purposeful design at Maplewood Senior Living.

Natural Light – Whether you’re walking down a hallway, sitting in the chapel or visiting one of our dining rooms, you’ll immediately notice the role light plays in our strategic design.

Light offers practical functionality, by allowing our residents to see better as they move around the community. It also serves as a sense of comfort to many of our residents battling dementia, and anxiety that can be caused by dark areas and is a proven way to reduce depression.  In designing our home-like environments, natural light is a crucial component.

Courtyards and Outdoor Spaces – To continue the feeling of home, our communities offer secure spaces where residents can go outside, as the weather permits. Outdoor spaces are the perfect setting for gardening, gathering or just soaking up nature.

Sights, smells and the ability to touch and participate safely is especially important for individuals with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia and is an important part of our memory care program. Our team focuses on giving our residents the ability to feel independent and in control of their lives as much as possible, and these spaces allow them to make decisions to engage as they choose.

Ample Interior Space to Stroll & Engage – We invite you to take a walk through any of our communities and see if you notice what makes us different. Our design layout encourages our residents to stroll, while engaging along the way. You’ll notice destinations in every direction, like a library, welcoming sitting area, art studio and more. Our large living spaces also provide great areas to connect with visiting family members.

Whether our residents want to connect with a group or sit quietly with a book, they’re empowered to make those choices for themselves.

Contrasted Colors – We didn’t just hire a qualified interior designer to choose our paint and fabric swatches. Our purposeful design covers the colors we choose, and how we contrast them. Down the hallways, you’ll notice gentle variations in carpet patterns. These contrasts help our visually impaired residents better see the floor and reduces their risk of a fall. The same visual cues continue in the fabric of our chairs and couches, which vary slightly from the carpet colors that lay beneath them. As dementia progresses, and depth perception fades, color and pattern variations help our residents see clearly as they sit down or get up.

Down the hallways, soft wall colors contrast with our resident’s doors, and other areas they are welcome to enter. If a door is used primarily for staff, it’s a different color; one that blends in with the wall, helping to reduce confusion.

Open Dining Rooms – Our dining rooms are designed for socializing. These large open areas are a combined effort of natural light, ample space and contrasting colors for our resident’s safety. Beyond that, we have created dining rooms that mimic a high-class restaurant, set with complete dinnerware.

Kitchens that open to the dining room, have been created to invite our residents to enjoy the smells of freshly cooked meals and foster communication with our culinary team. Our white dinnerware serves as a lovely backdrop – allowing our freshly prepared meals to take center-stage and entice the eyes as much as the palate.

We’ve designed the communities and neighborhoods to adapt to the needs of our residents, and not vice versa. As you consider Maplewood Senior Living, we invite you to visit us and see the difference purposeful design can make; in the transition to assisted living and the future quality of life for your loved one.

To see more of how Maplewood has created spaces that are purposefully designed, click here.

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